Saturday, December 12, 2015

Black Friday Trick

Every year, the day after the most important holiday (at least for me) in the US "Thanksgiving day" people get crazy about the idea of getting a tremendous deal in the department stores, to mention some of them Bestbuy, Microcenter and Macy's. The idea of having a relax and joyful Thanksgiving day with the family is sometimes overshadowed by some members of my family, specially mom and dad who think they will get a great deal on black Friday. 
First, they don't have a pleasant dinner and don't enjoy spending time with us because they have to be there at least 3am to be the first one and have the possibility to obtain to desire deal that they were looking for. What they don't know is that the stores only offers 3 to 5 items on sale and occasionally these items are returned items and these are being offer as "the great bargain of the year" furthermore sometimes the department stores inflates the prices of each items and then they are shown as they have a certain percentage of discount. "Oh , what a deal." Second, There are a lot of people in the department stores, pushing, yelling and disrupting each other to get a little space there, that is the most annoying time to be in a so crowded place and thinking wrongly that they will get something in a good price. Third, after a long, tedious and exhausted day of trying to purchase many things for not too much money they got home stress and tired, they want just to sleep the whole rest of the day and the next day they will complain about that day. 
It seems endless, every year is the same but unfortunately they keep doing the same routine every year, i think it is in their nature to do the same things even though it is wrong to spend the whole day doing something worthless. My idea is that they like to do something to complain the next day.

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