Sunday, December 13, 2015

Amazon Drone: Coming to a Neighborhood Near You

Amazon recently posted a video featuring its new Prime Air service which delivers packages to your house via drones in less than 30 minutes. The demo video was clearly trying to create some buzz for the potential new product and included Jeremy Clarkson as the host. The idea of the service is great – go on your phone, select and product and have it at the door in half an hour. But is this something all Americans can have in the near future and what are the limitations?
As stated in the video, Amazon already has a fleet of drones and tests of this system have worked. The drones can fly for up to 15 miles and can do a vertical take-off. The user can tell the drone where to land by placing a square with the Amazon logo outside on flat land. Amazon would have to have products stored reasonably close to the users for this to work. One obvious restriction is that there drones have a limit to how heavy an object they can carry. A good guess would be a limit of around 3 or so pounds. Receiving permission to fly drones for business is a serious hurdle that Amazon will have to jump. It seems unlikely that the government with readily support this endeavor on a large scale. It seems that this product might be seen in a select few areas over the next year or so. It will be interesting to see if Amazon comes up with a way to deliver drone products in major cities. It will be interesting to see what Amazon does in the next few years to bring drones to our doorsteps.

Written by: Kyra Pastore

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